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The Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Exceptional Performance by Professional Staff


Nominations close Friday 4 September 2015

The Vice-Chancellor offers annual awards in recognition of exceptional performance by members of professional staff with a total of $20,000 available for selected recipients of the awards, with individual amounts being determined by the selection committee. 

The awards will be presented by the Vice-Chancellor and further recognition given by a permanent citation on the Professional Staff Awards website. 

Award Catagories

The awards are intended to recognise the contributions of professional staff who exceed the normal requirements of their substantive positions and demonstrate significant and sustained achievement of one or more of the following criteria:

1.    Improvement in service provision and/or contributing to development of seamless University operations;
2.    Improving the staff experience through a high quality working environment;
3.    Improving the student experience in provision of a high quality learning environment for students; or
4.    Improving services to students and/or staff through collaboration across faculties/divisions.


  • Individual nominations

Exceptional individual performance must have been sustained for at least a three year period for each person nominated.  All professional staff (including trades and services staff who are on contracts or in continuing positions) who have been employed by the University for at least three calendar years are eligible for nominations.

  • Team nominations

Exceptional team performance must have been sustained for at least a 3 year period.  Members of the team must be professional staff (including trades and services staff who are on contracts or in continuing positions) and at least 75% of the team members must have been working in the team being nominated for at least three calendar years.


Work teams or individuals may be nominated either by the head of their administrative unit or by a staff member outside the department or area in which they work. The nomination must be endorsed by the Dean or Executive Director.  In the event that more than one nomination is made from the same faculty or division, the Dean or Executive Director will be asked to recommend to the panel a ranking of the nominations from their area.

Documentation making a case for the work team or individual should include:

  1. completed nomination cover sheet
  2. a statement of no more than 300 words outlining the achievements of the work team or individual in relation to one or more of the criteria (see above). Team nominations should briefly indicate the role of each team member in achieving the overall results
  3. supporting documentation of no more than 3 pages in total from any of the following as appropriate: 
  • external or internal clients of the work team or individual 
  • individual members of academic or professional staff 
  • students or graduates 
  • an appropriate professional body 

Total documentation in addition to the cover sheet must not exceed six (6) pages.


Nominations will be assessed and ranked according to the following criteria:

  • Level of contribution to Monash Strategic Plan ie: Monash Futures.
  • Actions above and beyond required duties.
  • Level of impact/outcomes for staff and/or students.
  • Significant improvements resulting in efficiencies
  • Long term sustainability of improvements.

Selection Committee

The awards will be determined by a committee comprising:

  • Vice-Chancellor or nominee 
  • An external person nominated by the Vice-Chancellor 
  • Member of the academic staff, nominated by the Academic Board 
  • Executive Director, Monash HR or nominee
  • Member of professional staff nominated by NTEU

The selection committee will rank nominations against the criteria, with teams and individuals being ranked separately.  Short listed nominees may be asked to make a brief presentation about their work and achievements to the committee.  The selection committee will exercise its judgement in terms of the number of awards to be made and how the $20,000 will be allocated amongst the award recipients.


Due date for nominations is Friday 4 September 2015.

Nominations are to be sent electronically to

Further information: Vicki Mihalakopoulos, Staff Development, Monash HR, 9902-9888.